Hello Monday

Another week, another Monday. Seriously, who likes Mondays?  All it does is remind me of everything I have to get done this week. So what do you have going on this week? My list includes getting myself back on track with the online class I’m slowly failing (can someone tell me why I need to… Continue reading Hello Monday

West Side Story

Super duper excited to see West Side Story tonight at The Oriental Theatre.  They have a short stint in Chicago, only 6 days and tomorrow night is the last!  You can click here to see if you can score tix to tonight or tomorrow’s performances. Are you into musicals?  (Raises hand: I am!)  What’s your favorite?… Continue reading West Side Story

Foot Masks?

I stopped by Mitsuwa today, the Japanese market, and saw these and thought, “Hey, why not?”  I actually got a 2nd pair, hmm, to motivate the boyfriend to try it or ask my mom?  I’ll update this later with a review. Have you tried a foot mask before? Tell me about it if you have.

Da Lobsta

As part of the boyfriend’s birthday weekend festivities, I took him to Da Lobsta in the Gold Coast. I got a great deal via Groupon. It was no Luke’s Lobster nor GT Fish and Oyster, but it’s closer and more affordable. They have a handful or so of different variations, but I’m true to traditional rolls.… Continue reading Da Lobsta